Full packet capture with stream-to-disk recording, real-time indexing and application analytics for network/application performance

NIKSUN NetDetector®

Full packet capture, application fingerprinting/reconstruction, IDS and anomaly detection


Actionable real-time enterprise network and service delivery visibility

NIKSUN NetDetectorLive™

Full power of NetDetector with real-time reconstruction, indexing and content alarming. Use for proactive cyber security, data leakage prevention, and real-time surveillance

NIKSUN NetTradeWatch™

Financial transactions and associated market data feeds analysis for financial markets

NIKSUN NetMobility®

Monitor performance and security in next-generation mobile networks

NIKSUN Virtual NetVCR™

Virtualized solution for proactive network, services and application monitoring

NIKSUN Virtual NetDetector™

Comprehensive and actionable solution for securing virtual networks

NIKSUN Virtual NetDetectorLive™

Virtual solution for cyber security, data leakage prevention, and real-time surveillance

NIKSUN FlowAggregator™

Advanced flow monitoring solution that extracts valuable network intelligence from flow data


Lightweight and luggable network monitoring solution

NIKSUN Supreme Eagle®

A single hardware platform with recording and analysis speeds exceeding 100 Gbps

NIKSUN NikOS Everest

The fastest Data-in-motion Analytics Platform

NIKSUN IntelliDefend®

Notebook size full packet capture, and forensics/analytics device for branch offices


Power of NetVCR in a lightweight, notebook-sized device for branch offices, department levels, and other applications

NIKSUN NetBlackBox® Pro

NetVCR-like full packet capture and archiving but without the extensive metadata warehouse, providing a cost-effective, flexible solution for network/application performance analysis, forensics and more

NIKSUN PhoneSweep®

The industry's best analog tool, capable of detecting 470+ types of systems

Company Overview

NIKSUN's mission, market need, partnerships, customers and sales offices

NIKSUN NetXperts™

Customizable expert analysis and incident reporting

NIKSUN Solution Modules™

Proactive network visibility solutions


Enterprise-wide network data aggregation and reporting

NIKSUN NetVoice®

Analyzing Voice over IP traffic, providing insight into both the media stream performance and call session quality

NIKSUN Central Manager™

Enterprise-wide remote appliance management

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