Customer Success Story: Large Internet Service Provider (ISP)

A large mobile telecommunications company prevents malware from infecting its network and ISP environment using NIKSUN NetDetector®

NIKSUN NetDetector Shellshock Case Study

As the news of the Shellshock vulnerability went public, it quickly turned into a hacker's dream. Millions of devices - servers, Internet connected devices, routers, and more, had been left exposed to this bug. Hackers quickly tried to exploit this vulnerability - by brute force, running exploits in the wild, and various other mechanisms.

Customer Success Story: A Large Global Bank

NIKSUN solutions instantly uncover the who, what, when, where and how of a major cyber attack on a large financial institution that involved the FBI

Enhancing QoE on CDMA2000 Networks

NIKSUN appliances help service providers conveniently map network performance utilization, trends and issues for enhanced QoE

IDC Case Study: ISP Security

NIKSUN solutions present a comprehensive network security and management system for enterprises

IDC Case Study: Telecommunication Security

Securing and managing global networking infrastructure

Micro Network Incident Detection and Mitigation

NIKSUN solutions perform micro-analysis on multi-gigabit traffic across multiple timescales

Monitoring Financial Feeds to Optimize Trading Decisions

A financial institution leverages the power of NIKSUN NetOmni and the NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse for rich analysis on the trading floor

Monitoring for PCI Compliance

NIKSUN DPI technology ensures compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards by ensuring that no credit card transaction data is stored on the network

Improving Time-to-Insight for Belgacom

NIKSUN NetDetector secures Belgacom's infrastructure from malicious outsiders and insider threats

Transforming the Cyber Security Perimeter with Marlabs

NIKSUN solutions coupled with Marlabs transforms a network security perimeter that is susceptible to security vulnerabilities into a safe, secure network environment

NIKSUN Customers: Video Testimonials

Listen to VISA®, FedEx®, CitiGroup® and others share their views on NIKSUN products at Cisco® Live

Signature and Anomaly-based Security Detection

NIKSUN security solutions use signature and anomaly definitions for real-time virus detection of infected PCs on network and post-event forensic analysis