Case Studies
Customer Success Story: A Food & Beverage Company Steadies Their Digital Rollout by Speeding Up Their Network

A Food and Beverage firm uses NIKSUN to optimize the performance of their internal network and improve their speed to market with digital technologies.

Customer Success Story: A Reputed Healthcare Provider uses NIKSUN to Detect and Mitigate a Malicious User Agent Attack Where Malware was Disguised as a PDF

After a healthcare provider started experiencing disruptions in their operations, they called in the forensics experts at NIKSUN. Learn how NIKSUN’s NetDetectorLive and NetXperts were able to (i) detect Malicious User Agents on their network, (ii) discover the root cause as malware being disguised as a PDF, and (iii) give them a complete forensics trail of evidence to prune the attacker from their network and restore operations.

Customer Success Story: A Telephony Company uses NIKSUN to Identify and Mitigate the Root Cause of Dropped Calls Experienced by an Auto Services Franchise

After an Auto Services Franchise migrated to a Telephony infrastructure, it started experiencing unexplained dropped calls that severely impacted its customer experience and ultimately its reputation. Learn how NIKSUN’s NetVoice immediately identified that improper network load balancing was the root cause of the dropped calls after being deployed on their VoIP network.

Customer Success Story: A Media/Entertainment Company Identifies Potential IP Theft and Proactively Fortifies its Security Perimeter

A leading M&E company wanted to ensure that it could safeguard its IP against potential theft. Learn how the powerful content monitoring of NIKSUN’s NetDetectorLive and the SIEM capabilities of NIKSUN’s LogWave allowed the M&E firm’s SOC team to identify a case of attempted IP theft in real-time, with just one click.

Customer Success Story: A Hedge Fund Uses NIKSUN to Optimize Network Performance and Ensure HFT Accuracy and Reliability

A global hedge fund was seeing poor trade decisions. Learn how NIKSUN’s NetVCR and NetTradeWatch, an integrated NPM, APM, and trading/market data analytics platform, provided the firm with alarm-to-forensics visibility over its distributed infrastructure at sub-second granularity, allowing them to discover bandwidth spikes that caused sequence gaps where their High Frequency Trading (HFT) infrastructure missed critical data and impacted their trading decisions.

Customer Success Story: A Livestream on YouTube Was Found to Be Promoting a Suspected Crypto-Scam via a Malicious QR Code

Continued monitoring from NIKSUN AI has revealed that the scam is ongoing with multiple sites offering the same crypto exchange. All discovered domains are being added to NIKSUN’s Threat Intelligence Feed for Blacklisted Domains and NIKSUN customers are encouraged to update their feeds.

Customer Success Story: A Leading Energy Firm uses NIKSUN to Detect a “Man in the Middle” Attack and Prevent their Employee from Infecting their Network or giving out Sensitive Information

An energy firm recently expanded its network infrastructure up to 100 Gbps. Learn how NIKSUN’s scalable network detection and response (NDR) cyber-analytics solution, NetDetectorLive, running on top of the powerful Supreme Eagle III platform, provided complete network-to-application infrastructure visibility and helped close critical blind-spots. With just a few clicks, the firm caught a Man in the Middle attack in real-time and prevented an employee from infecting their infrastructure.

Customer Success Story: A Leading Automotive Technology Parts Manufacturer Identifies Attempted IP Theft and Fortifies its Security Perimeter

An automotive parts manufacturer undergoing a global expansion needed to strengthen its cyber defense. Learn how NIKSUN’s highly scalable NetDetectorLive, LogWave, and NetOmni were used to identify a case of industrial espionage being committed by a disgruntled employee. NIKSUN helped protect their innovative R&D by catching and preventing an IP theft in real-time, allowing them to keep their invaluable technological edge and beat their competitors to market with a critical innovation.

Customer Success Story: A Boutique Hotel Detects a Potential State-Sponsored Reconnaissance of their Network within Minutes and Fortifies its Security Perimeter

A hotel needed to establish a robust security perimeter and required a cost-effective, comprehensive solution to have a single portal into their entire cyber posture. Learn how NIKSUN’s AI on NetDetector and IntelliDefend identified an external hacker who had penetrated their network and used an internal zombie device for port scanning. Within minutes, they were able to determine the source of the hacker as from a hostile country and thwart a potentially very costly and damaging cyberattack.

Customer Success Story: A Government Agency Resolves High Latency in their Messaging Service across Global Operations

A large government agency faced major disruptions in their operations due to the slow performance of a messaging application used for communications between their international branches. Learn how NIKSUN’s FlowAggregator was used to analyze flow-based network traffic at every branch, and, within a couple of clicks, was able to determine the slow messaging service was caused by network congestion. Because of NIKSUN, they were able to put in a QoS policy and resolve the issue once and for all.

Customer Success Story: A Global Manufacturer improves overall productivity after detecting latency in IoT devices across multiple plants

A global manufacturer was experiencing low productivity at several plants and couldn’t determine the actual cause. Learn how they used NIKSUN’s portable Puma to analyze these plants’ Modbus traffic and quickly identify high latency in their IOT automation caused by a misconfiguration in a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). After resolving the issue across their plants, they deployed NIKSUN’s global solution to monitor every factory proactively and increased productivity by another 30-40%.

Customer Success Story: A National Insurance Provider Secures its Infrastructure and Stops an Attempted Data Leakage

A national insurance provider was finding it difficult to meet stringent cyber security regulations (e.g., from NYDFS). To further exacerbate the situation, their existing SIEM delivered 100s of false positives for every real threat. Learn how they harnessed the powers of NIKSUN’s highly scalable virtual LogWave, NetDetectorLive, NetOmni, and NetXperts solution to reduce the MTTR of cyber threats from hours/days to mere minutes and, in particular, stop an attempted data leakage in its tracks.

Customer Success Story: A Global Retailer

A large global retailer uses NIKSUN’s NetVCR, NetOmni, and NetXperts to quickly determine and resolve the root-cause of intermittent performance / QoS issues in their distributed websites: 1) an application running nearly 300% slower than their baseline and 2) 30% of their sites breaking their bandwidth allocation.

Customer Success Story: A Large Insurance Provider

A large global insurance provider uses NIKSUN’s highly scalable Supreme Eagle III platform, running a complete cyber-defense suite of NIKSUN NetDectectorLive, NIKSUN FlowAggregator, and NIKSUN’s LogWave SIEM, to remediate vulnerabilities and fortify its security posture.

Customer Success Story: Healthcare

NIKSUN helps hospitals provide "breadcrumb evidence" of any attack to law enforcement for investigation.

NIKSUN NetDetector Shellshock Case Study

Medium-sized Information Security Services firm uses NIKSUN NetDetector to accurately detect Shellshock exploits and tune false positives from vendor firewall.

Customer Success Story: Large Internet Service Provider (ISP)

A large mobile telecommunications company prevents malware from infecting its network and ISP environment using NIKSUN NetDetector®.

Customer Success Story: A Large Global Bank

NIKSUN solutions instantly uncover the who, what, when, where and how of a major cyber attack on a large financial institution that involved the FBI.

Enhancing QoE on LTE Networks

NIKSUN appliances help service providers conveniently map network performance utilization, trends and issues for enhanced QoE.

IDC Case Study: ISP Security

NIKSUN solutions present a comprehensive network security and management system for enterprises

IDC Case Study: Telecommunication Security

Securing and managing global networking infrastructure

Micro Network Incident Detection and Mitigation

NIKSUN solutions perform micro-analysis on multi-gigabit traffic across multiple timescales.

Monitoring Financial Feeds to Optimize Trading Decisions

A financial institution leverages the power of NIKSUN NetOmni and the NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse for rich analysis on the trading floor.

Monitoring for PCI Compliance

NIKSUN DPI technology ensures compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards by ensuring that no credit card transaction data is stored on the network.

Improving Time-to-Insight for Belgacom

NIKSUN NetDetector secures Belgacom's infrastructure from malicious outsiders and insider threats.

Transforming the Cyber Security Perimeter with Marlabs

NIKSUN solutions coupled with Marlabs transforms a network security perimeter that is susceptible to security vulnerabilities into a safe, secure network environment.

NIKSUN Customers: Video Testimonials

Listen to VISA®, FedEx®, CitiGroup® and others share their views on NIKSUN products at CiscoLive.

Signature and Anomaly-based Security Detection

NIKSUN security solutions use signature and anomaly definitions for real-time virus detection of infected PCs on network and post-event forensic analysis.

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