NIKSUN® NetPoller

Full Stack Visibility and Observability

Network infrastructure monitoring plays a vital role in improving business outcomes for today's challenging and complex IT environments where day to day performance and availability are critical factors.
End-to-End Visibility into infrastructure for reduced outages and increased revenue
  • Ensure high network availability of routers, firewalls, or any critical assets
  • Facilitate zero downtime
  • Cross-domain visibility
  • Multi-vendor and unlimited device monitoring
  • Wired and Wireless device monitoring
Instant Observability for informed decisions
  • Know your network instantly with contextual intelligence
  • Spot QoS drops across an entire region or world
  • Visualize bandwidth usage patterns and reduce performance bottlenecks
  • Change monitoring
  • Complete situational awareness
Effortless management of Network with rich real time metrics
  • Network wide port by port bandwidth, errors, discards
  • Resource Usage Monitoring - CPU load and memory
  • Hardware Health Monitoring
  • Device discovery
  • NBAR, QoS and IP SLA
  • WiFi Client and AP Monitoring
Finest out of the box alerts for network or device health issues
  • Notify in real time anywhere
  • Actionable insights
  • Single click to pinpoint to root cause
  • Easy integration with third party tools
Reduced MTTR
  • Intuitive and contextual single click workflows throughout UI
  • Rich out of the box dashboards powered by issue highlights
  • Super-fast and extensive network data mining capabilities
  • Facilitates easier collaboration with ITOM and ITSM from a single pane
  • Dashboards for everyone

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