Due to COVID-19, NIKSUN is strictly adhering to current CDC and DoD guidelines. All outreach programs are being conducted virtually and scheduled as required by our clients. If you would like to schedule a web meeting, please use the Contact Us form here.

Past Events

DoDIIS 2019

08-18-2019 -- 08-21-2019

Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL
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TechNet Cyber

05-14-2019 -- 05-16-2019

Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland
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PACT Cybersecurity Forum

03-28-2019 -- 03-28-2019

Philadelphia, PA
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NJTC Emerging Tech Trends

02-21-2019 -- 02-21-2019

Trenton, NJ
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NIKSUN Spotlight Seminar

01-17-2019 -- 01-17-2019

Otemachi 1st Square Conference Center
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Intelligent-Integrated IOT Conference and Workshop

01-04-2019 -- 01-04-2019

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
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