The Gold Standard of Network Performance Monitoring

Powered by groundbreaking technologies, NIKSUN NetVCR® redefines the way we monitor networks. It provides seamless service and application performance analytics for maximum visibility into your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments. NIKSUN NetVCR® gives you unmatched insight while still dramatically reducing power consumption by 60% and requiring 80% less rack space.
  • NIKSUN NetVCR® is the world's first full-function appliance for advanced real-time network and service performance monitoring.
  • NIKSUN NetVCR® captures, records, inspects, indexes, mines and correlates every packet traversing the network at speeds up to multi-Tbps - enabling comprehensive analytics, alarming, and reporting capabilities.
  • Proactively measures the health of the network for early detection of any performance degradation.
  • Enterprise capable to work across your network giving you a single pane of glass view into your entire environment.
  • Full visibility into the network for capacity planning, trending, accounting, and usage.
  • Bounce diagram analysis visualizing each stage of an application session facilitates even faster diagnostics.
  • Flexible user interface with features like data highlights and Google like search capabilities.
  • Rich executive dashboards and comprehensive reports for automated and optimized workflows using NIKSUN NetXperts.
  • Optional capabilities available via add-on NetXperts and NetSLM modules, further reduce MTTR by providing both real-time and historical advanced analysis and alarming from link to application layer.

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