NIKSUN CEO Dr. Parag Pruthi to Speak at AT&T Cyber Security Conference

Published on: 09-10-2013

Princeton, NJ, September 10, 2013 — NIKSUN® Inc., the world leader in real time and forensics-based cybersecurity and network monitoring solutions, announced today that NIKSUN’s Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Dr. Parag Pruthi, will speak at the AT&T Cyber Security Conference, being held at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel in New York City today, September 10, 2013.

Dr. Pruthi’s talk, "Using Advanced Analytics to Thwart Cyber Threats" will showcase high-profile domestic and foreign attacks and discuss their implications on our national security. He will explain how current methods are failing us and how we need advanced methods of defense against such relentless attackers in a global environment where cybersecurity has no borders. Dr. Pruthi will also explain the benefits of utilizing advanced analytics to discover, mitigate, prevent, and combat large scale attacks and cyber espionage.

“Whether attackers are motivated by financial gain, cyber terrorism, or cyber espionage, the problem has reached alarming proportions,” Dr. Pruthi said. “These new attacks require highly intensified methods of analytics, detection, and prevention.” In his talk, Dr. Pruthi will showcase the most recent high-profile domestic and foreign attacks and not only discuss their implications on our national security, but how we can better detect such insidious threats. With current methods outdated, Dr. Pruthi will explain the new requirements for advanced methods of defense to secure our national and international infrastructure.

NIKSUN will also have a booth at the conference to showcase its latest product offerings. Technical experts and top executives will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate NIKSUN’s unique cybersecurity solutions, including NIKSUN’s real time and deep forensics based appliances, designed to help you “Know the Unknown®” in your cyber environment.

For more information on the AT&T Cyber Security Conference, click here.


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