NIKSUN Announces In-depth Analytics In Its Alpine Software 4.2.1

Published on: 09-05-2012

Princeton, NJ, September 05, 2012 — NIKSUN® Inc., the world leader in real-time and forensics-based cybersecurity and network monitoring solutions, announced today its new release of Alpine 4.2.1 for NIKSUN’s award winning suite of security and performance management solutions. With Alpine 4.2.1 the positive momentum created by the Alpine architecture continues to accelerate giving users more for their investment. NIKSUN has created the most powerful capture, detection, analytics and proactive prevention all-in-one-solution with over 100 new features and enhancements integrated into this release.

General Keith Alexander, who commands the U.S. Cyber Command, stated at the American Enterprise Institute seminar in July of this year that the capability exists today for destructive cyberattacks against critical infrastructures. He went on to say that over 100 countries have network exploitation capability and between 2009 and 2011 the number of cyberattacks against American infrastructure grew 17-fold. General Alexander also stated that in 2011 alone, the number of cyberattacks increased by 44% and malware increased by 60%.

To emphasize the importance of the issue, President Obama recently stated in a Wall Street Journal article, “...the cyber threat to our nation is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face.”

To deal with such advanced threats, NIKSUN has enhanced its industry-leading security products with its latest release of Alpine. “Real cyber threats are coming in unknown ways,” said Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN Founder, Chairman, and CEO. “Traditional ways of finding attacks and reacting to them is no longer useful in dealing with state-sponsored cyberattacks or sophisticated cyber criminals. We created the NIKSUN Alpine architecture as a platform to make the Unknown Known, to deal with next generation attacks that will possibly remain unknown for a long time!”

“The Alpine 4.2.1 release now exposes these unknowns in a myriad of ways. It does advanced analytics on the data that is captured by the NIKSUN solution and seamlessly renders it in near real-time for the end user to prescribe an action. This action can then be automated, making large-scale detection of advanced novel attacks easy to identify, remediate, and stop before they lead to a harmful outcome. The solution is so advanced that anomalies and threats detected anywhere in the eco-system of deployed appliances can be acted upon in record time. Finally, we are approaching the pinnacle of cybersecurity-defense that I’ve been orchestrating for the last few years,” said Dr. Pruthi.

“We’re confronting some new realities in cyberspace and we need some new thinking and new energy,” said Mark Weatherford, Department of Homeland Security Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity. “Our message begins with a simple concept: to ensure cybersecurity for all of us, each of us must play our part. We know it only takes a single infected computer to potentially infect thousands and perhaps millions of others.” NIKSUN provides state-of-the-art tools that empower individuals to “help the cause.”

Without the proper tools, the loss or damage of network data can have devastating and catastrophic effects on organizations and governments. NIKSUN’s latest Alpine release further arms security professionals with best-in-breed tools to combat data exfiltration. For example, NIKSUN’s NetDetector has a new security view that quickly shows the most important security alerts that may require investigation. After scanning the data for protocol spoofs, destination alerts, suspicious traffic, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and the like, NIKSUN presents the most important alerts for quick remediation by the security analyst. This data is also actionable, allowing deep investigation, evidence gathering, blocking, and mitigation. The result: customers get in front of attacks before the attacks get in front of them.

Similarly, all of NIKSUN’s eco-system of products such as NetVCR, NetMobility, NetDetectorLive, NetX, NetTrident, and NetOmni receive significant in-depth analytic and proactive action capabilities.


For more information about NIKSUN’s uniquely powerful and scalable cybersecurity and network performance solutions, visit NIKSUN's website at

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