NIKSUN Introduces NetMobility from LTE World Summit Show Floor in Barcelona

Published on: 05-22-2012

Princeton, NJ, May 22, 2012 — NIKSUN® Inc.,the world leader in real time and forensics-based cybersecurity and network monitoring solutions, announced its new NetMobility product from the LTE World Summit show floor, in Barcelona, today.

High-performance cellular networks have become a cornerstone of communications.  More and more businesses and individuals depend on mobile broadband technology to improve their communication capabilities. Leading this movement is Long Term Evolution (LTE), the most prominent 4G wireless communication standard. LTE users enjoy today’s optimal mobile performance, reliability, and flexibility.

According to Forrester Research, Inc. “Mobile applications are quickly becoming the primary way employees access corporate data and resources,” in Create New Mobile Operations and Security Professionals, April 2012. “As firms begin to expand their mobile application portfolios by sourcing and developing more applications, the need to distribute, secure, and manage mobile applications becomes critical.”

However, as more carriers begin to rapidly adopt this technology, the need for a comprehensive 4G security and performance analysis tool becomes critical. This is where the new NIKSUN NetMobility can help.

NetMobility provides a deep, real time analysis of EPC and IMS traffic. It reports on system load and performance metrics, and at the same time performs comprehensive security analysis that immediately identifies unusual system activity. Established performance and security alarms can trigger actionable notifications when anomalies are detected.

“LTE is growing by leaps and bounds,” said Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN founder and CEO. “We are first to market with a solution that secures this new technology, keeping mobile data safe while immediately alerting security and performance issues.  As proven at initial deployments by some of the world’s largest service providers, NetMobility resolves the security and performance challenges that accompany the significant benefits of 4G.”

NetMobility enables you to create practical, positive, real-world alarms that notify administrators of security and performance issues when they occur. These comprehensive alarms, which are geared toward the industry's most common security and performance issues, can be easily integrated with existing notification systems.

The 8th Annual LTE World Summit is being held this week in Barcelona, Spain. Over 3,000+ attendees from 130+ countries are presentat the world’s leading 4G event. The LTE World Summit boasts a supreme speaker line-up of 200+ LTE pioneers and an expanded exhibition for every sector of the LTE ecosystem. NIKSUN is showcasing its products at Pod #13.

For more information, visit NIKSUN's website at

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