NIKSUN to Speak on Emerging Cyber Threats

Published on: 04-26-2011

NIKSUN Expert to Offer Perspective and Solutions for Managing Insider Threats, Emerging Malware Problems, and Optimal Network Security

Princeton, NJ – April 26, 2011
NIKSUN®, a world leader in real-time enterprise network monitoring solutions, today announced that Dr. Rajesh Talpade, vice president of NIKSUN’s security products, will be co-leading the industry expert panel, Network Security - Finding the Right Management Program, at the upcoming SecureWorld Expo on May 11, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA.

At the SecureWorld Expo Industry Expert Panel, Dr. Talpade will share NIKSUN’s view on emerging cyber attacks and breach scenarios that are now affecting organizations on an unprecedented scale with extraordinary sophistication. According to Forrester Research, Inc.’s report, Pull Your Head Out Of The Sand And Put It On A Swivel: Introducing Network Analysis And Visibility, dated January 24, 2011, “as a threat vector, 48% of data breaches were the result of privileged insiders who misuse. This is up 28% from the previous year, signifying a dramatic and worrisome trend.” Attendees will also hear Dr. Talpade and the expert panel examine critical steps and tools required for optimal network security to deal with sinister breach scenarios. “Hacking and Malware have retaken the lead and are playing dirtier than ever,” as stated in the Verizon 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report, Malware such as Poison Ivy and others, factored in “about half of the 2010 caseload (breaches) and nearly 80% of all data lost.”

SecureWorld Expo brings together the security leaders, experts, senior executives, and policy makers who are shaping the very face of security covering a range of strategic issues such as information security, compliance, and computer forensics.  At the conference, NIKSUN will also be showcasing its industry-leading NetDetector network monitoring and visibility solution, and lending their expertise and case studies to attendees around top-of-mind issues such as zero-day malware, cloud security, and advanced persistent threats. Those wishing to learn why security leaders at over 1,000 top enterprise and government organizations around the world depend upon NIKSUN for enterprise network security should stop by booth #106.

“As we’ve learned in the recent RSA breach, traditional information security safeguards fall short in dealing with today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks because they do not secure against the myriad of unknowns associated with these attacks,” said Dr. Parag Pruthi, Founder, Chairman and CEO of NIKSUN. “100% visibility is required to make the unknowns known. NIKSUN has developed the fastest recording and deepest data mining and alerting technology in the world that has been proven in hundreds of large-scale environments for many years. Sub-gigabit monitoring is not scalable for large-scale deployments and early detection is not possible without 100% coverage. Because of NIKSUN’s proven technology, our customers are able to effectively thwart Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) by capturing and analyzing every transaction at multi-gigabit rates, not just at sub-gigabit sustained rates. This provides the highest levels of security through early detection of APTs so they can be shut down before any access to vital systems occurs."

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