NIKSUN Achieves Common Criteria Certification for NetDetector and NetVCR

Published on: 09-26-2018

Princeton, NJ, September 26th, 2018 - NIKSUN Inc., the world leader in developing holistic cybersecurity and network performance monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce that the company has been awarded Common Criteria Certification by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) which is operated by the National Security Agency. NIKSUN's NetDetector® and NetVCR® products have been certified by the NIAP as meeting the requirements of its collaborative Protection Profile for Network Devices Version 2.0.

"Information Assurance and Common Criteria certified products are an essential requirement in today's day and age," said Dr. Parag Pruthi, CEO and Founder of NIKSUN. "With the certification of NIKSUN's product suite, we want to assure our valued clients that NIKSUN products have been independently certified to meet the world's most stringent security standards. Our users should be completely confident that NIKSUN continuously ensures their data is secured by the most up to date standards; standards which the U.S. Department of Defense itself relies upon."

NIKSUN NetDetector/NetVCR was evaluated against the criteria contained in the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation, Version 3.1 Revision 4 and satisfied all of the security functional requirements. The certification process involved the testing and validation of restricted ciphers, strict checking of certificates, encrypted communication with external servers, enhanced audit logging, and vulnerability assessment among many other aspects. Validated configuration and applications include, but are not limited to: Management Workstation, Syslog Server, SCP Server, CRL Distribution Point, SMTP Server, and NetOmni® – also a Common Criteria validated NIKSUN product. This brings the entire suite of NIKSUN products to a very high standard of security.

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, and NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR are ready to manage new dynamic threats. NIKSUN's NetDetector and NetVCR solutions were awarded this certification for their ability to meet the rigorous standards set forth by Common Criteria. NIKSUN NetDetector and NetVCR play an integral role in the network infrastructure of various U.S. Government departments and private enterprises, providing critical network performance and security monitoring.

The NIKSUN NetDetector/NetVCR/NetOmni suite is deemed critical for real-time enterprise-wide security and performance analysis. They not only increase the robustness of every network they are deployed on, but also reduce the total cost of operations by more than 300%.

The Common Criteria is an international set of guidelines and specification developed for evaluating information security products and an independent security certification recognized by governments worldwide. Common Criteria provides assurance that the process of specification, implementation and evaluation of a computer security product has been conducted in a rigorous manner.

For more information about this certification, please visit the listing on NIAP's web site.

About NIKSUN, Inc.
NIKSUN is the recognized worldwide leader in making the Unknown Known. The company develops a highly scalable array of real-time and forensics-based cyber security and network performance management solutions for government & intelligence agencies, service providers, financial services companies, and large enterprises such as retailers and manufacturers. NIKSUN's award-winning appliances deliver unprecedented flexibility and packet capture power. The company's patented real-time analysis and recording technology is the industry's most comprehensive solution for secure and reliable network infrastructure and services. NIKSUN, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, has sales offices and distributors throughout the US, Europe, the Mid East, and Asia-Pacific.

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