NIKSUN Unveils its New NikOS Everest – the Future of Intelligence-Driven Data in Motion Analytics

Published on: 10-11-2016

Princeton, NJ, Oct. 11, 2016 – NIKSUN® Inc., announced today that its highly anticipated and revolutionary data analytics platform, NIKSUN NikOS Everest, is now available to its customers.

"There is much talk today about big data, data mining, and analytics and there are many tools out there to handle each individual aspect," said Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN Founder, CEO, and creative mastermind behind NIKSUN's continuous and revolutionary technology. "But the problems we face with big data today cannot simply be "patched" with yet another tool. We need to change the entire paradigm of data capture and analytics to overcome the problem of managing and securing big data proactively – and that is what we have done. I am most delighted with the result – NikOS Everest."

NIKSUN's work in changing the paradigm, from its innovative NetVCR packet capture recording device as far back as 1997, to the world's first ever 100 Gbps zero-loss packet capture, storage, and forensic analytics appliance Supreme Eagle (announced last year), to today when the cybersecurity and network performance monitoring experts announce NikOS Everest, introducing intelligent automation for data-in-motion. NIKSUN NikOS Everest raises the bar by handling the day-to-day tasks of a network security analyst, network operations engineer, and CSO / CISO across every industry. When trying out NIKSUN's NikOS Everest, Dr. Peter Stephenson, Chief Technology Editor at SC Magazine, called the NikOS Everest platform "an analyst's dream."

NIKSUN NikOS Everest provides highly flexible, automated views on the data specific to you. No longer is the visualization tied to the data. You have complete freedom to filter, display, visualize, export and even run analytics right within the Everest GUI itself without having to perform ad-hoc special studies to obtain the data you want.

"With data growing exponentially, it is imperative to be able to track that data – record it, mine it, own it – or you will never be able to identify a data breach both in real-time or retrospectively," said Dr. Ed Amoroso, Founder and CEO of TAG Cyber, LLC. "The NIKSUN team has the unique technical skills and product development experience required to take the guess work out of this critically important detection and mitigation."

The NIKSUN NikOS Everest release finally brings together the highly flexible visualization, analytics, reporting, deep-dive forensics, and now highly advanced automation, propelling expert analytics to an entirely new level.

"It just takes too long to know anything affirmatively when it comes to today's cyber attacks or service issues," Dr. Parag Pruthi said. "I wanted to revolutionize the analytics and data mining industry for data-in-motion – And that is what we have done."

Early adopters and testers have attested to NikOS Everest's expert value in the continuously evolving and highly competitive security industry. "NIKSUN NikOS Everest is one of the most robust unified platforms among cybersecurity tools today, providing the ability to render data at every level from a macroscopic view down to each individual packet," said Dr. Peter Stephenson, Chief Technology Editor at SC Magazine. "Not only does NikOS Everest have the ability to pull up this information at rapid speeds, but it also makes it far simpler to view and classify that data than ever before."

Unparalleled improvements in the software analytics engine provide 5 times faster speed over previous solutions and all human actions with Everest can be very simply automated for repeated time-saving expert analysis for any network performance or security task, from discovering application and network problems to zeroing in on deceptive malware.

This innovative release is also the most secure, meeting and exceeding the world's most stringent security standards, including the Department of Defense (DoD) and Defense Information Security Agency (DISA).

Come see for yourself! Join NIKSUN at FOCUS 16 in Las Vegas November 1st - 3rd, 2016 to witness the power of NIKSUN’s revolutionary technology first-hand.

About NIKSUN, Inc.
NIKSUN is the recognized worldwide leader in making the Unknown Known. The company develops a highly scalable array of real time and forensics-based cyber security and network performance management solutions for government & intelligence agencies, service providers, financial services companies, and large enterprises such as retailers and manufacturers. NIKSUN's award-winning appliances deliver unprecedented flexibility and packet capture power. The company's patented real-time analysis and recording technology is the industry's most comprehensive solution for secure and reliable network infrastructure and services. NIKSUN, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, has sales offices and distributors throughout the US, Europe, the Mid East and Asia-Pacific.

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