NIKSUN's PhoneSweep® is a tool for analog network device monitoring. It is the most complete tool that “sweeps” all devices connected to an analog network, detecting, assessing, alerting, and reporting. It is the industry’s best analog network device monitoring tool to safeguard against security threats, compliance violations, toll fraud and other breaches.
PhoneSweep® Plus16


PhoneSweep® Plus16 scans 20,000 numbers per profile with 16 modems (Not Included) and includes one year of technical support and software upgrades, as well as a USB Dongle.


  • PhoneSweep® Plus16 1-Year Support
PhoneSweep® Gold Add-On:

Do you want to upgrade to PhoneSweep® Gold? PhoneSweep® Gold includes 1 year of Technical Support and Software Updates. Learn more.

Price: $19,230