NIKSUN's PhoneSweep® is a tool for analog network device monitoring. It is the most complete tool that “sweeps” all devices connected to an analog network, detecting, assessing, alerting, and reporting. It is the industry’s best analog network device monitoring tool to safeguard against security threats, compliance violations, toll fraud and other breaches.
Upgrade to PhoneSweep® Gold


Gold’s full advantage is realized by users who have multiple PhoneSweep® units, but is compatible with any single PhoneSweep® unit. PhoneSweep® Gold adds three core features not present in the standard PhoneSweep® software.

Distributed Architecture
Now you can control PhoneSweep® from any connected location
  • Works with any Internet connection
  • Allows complete remote control of your PhoneSweep® system
  • Runs over an encrypted and secure connection
  • Supports three different Role-Based levels of access
    • Operator - complete control
    • Controller - start, stop, rescan
    • Observer - watch only
E-mail Notification
Our unique notification capability allows you to respond quickly to anomalies during a scan
  • Sends email to specified individuals
  • User-selected email trigger events can include:
    • When a sweep starts and/or stops
    • Carrier, fax, voice & tone detections
    • System identifications & penetrations
    • When outgoing modems are taken out of service for any reason
Merged Reporting
Saves you time and effort by covering multiple scan results in a single report
  • Perform a more complete analysis
  • Report on your entire telephone system, rather than facility by facility
System Requirements Listed by Feature

Distributed Requirements
You must have at least two copies of PhoneSweep® Gold, each with a dongle configured for GOLD. To set up PhoneSweep® in two or more countries, please purchase equipment that is geared for each country. Please see the recommended modems for further modem details and multiport solutions for help with multi-port serial I/O card selection.

1.Minimum requirements (Distributed Basic - 1 Modem, Small Profiles):
  • Network Connection: 1 Megabit/second Internet Protocol v4 or v6, internal or external as necessary for connectivity between all copies of PhoneSweep® Gold.
2.Optimal requirements (Distributed Plus 4, 8, 12, 16):
  • Disk Space: 2500 MB
  • Network Connection: 10 Megabit/second Internet Protocol v4 or v6, internal or external as necessary for connectivity between all copies of PhoneSweep® Gold.
E-mail Notification Requirements
  • Same as Distributed minimum requirements
  • Additional: SMTP Server: Each PhoneSweep® Gold system must have network connectivity to an outgoing e-mail server capable of relaying mail to the intended recipients.
Merged Reporting
  • Disk Space: 500 MB
  • Network Connection: None required
We recommend that your machine not be connected to any network, unless you are actively using the Distributed feature or the E-mail Notification feature of PhoneSweep® Gold. If your machine is connected to a network, please restrict inbound access to it as much as possible. For Distributed connections, inbound and outbound access should be limited to only those machines that are part of your PhoneSweep® Gold distributed network.

Operating System
PhoneSweep® Gold runs under Windows XP / 2003 Server / Vista / Windows 7 . PhoneSweep® Gold v5.6 does not support earlier versions of Windows.

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Price: $2,635