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Whatever the task, from forensically reconstructing network activity to getting complete situational awareness of your network, NIKSUN NetDetector Suite with capture rates of 100 Gbps, is up to it. Simply plug it in and
Know the Unknown®

Did you know?

NetDetector is the world's first packet-capture-to-disk appliance for cyber security

NetDetectorLive is the only solution that integrates packet capture, metadata generation, real-time indexing up to Layer 7, IDS (signature and anomaly), malware analytics, and a whole lot more

NIKSUN NetDetector Suite provides in-depth and real-time forensics that go beyond firewalls and IDS/IPS systems to identify, resolve and prevent cyber attacks

Enterprise capable to work across your network, giving you one single, unified view from end-to-end

"[NetDetectorLive] literally saved billions of dollars in losses around the world." - Commissioner William Ralph Basham, Jr.

The NetDetector Suite


NetDetector is a solution for full packet capture, application fingerprinting/reconstruction, IDS and anomaly detection.

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NetDetectorLive gives you the full power of NetDetector with real-time reconstruction, indexing and content alarming. Use for proactive cyber security, data leakage prevention, and real-time surveillance.

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Virtual NetDetector/NetDetectorLive™

Virtual NetDetector/NetDetectorLive are lightweight, software deployable versions of NetDetector/NetDetectorLive.

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IntelliDefend is a lightweight (notebook size), full packet capture, and forensics/analytics device for branch offices.

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1 Gbps Full Packet Capture: 2001
10 Gbps Full Packet Capture: 2005
20 Gbps Full Packet Capture: 2010
100 Gbps Full Packet Capture: 2013

Leading the Way


Year of Invention: 2000


  • 1 Gbps Full Packet Capture: 2001
  • Anomaly Intrusion Detection: 2002
  • Signature Intrusion Detection: 2004
  • 10 Gbps Full Packet Capture: 2005
  • 20 Gbps Full Packet Capture: 2010
  • Advanced Forensics Reconstruction: 2011
  • 100 Gbps Full Packet Capture: 2013


Year of Invention: 2004


  • Used by United States Secret Service (USSS) to surveil and arrest cyber crime syndicate, ShadowCrew, in Operation Firewall: 2004 - 2005
  • Pulled out of production at request of USSS to not jeopardize ongoing ShadowCrew investigations and arrests: 2005
  • Reintroduced to public after USSS Commissioner W. Ralph Basham Jr. granted his approval: 2012

Virtual NetDetector / NetDetectorLive

Year of Invention: 2005


  • Prototype : 2005
  • Modular and Scalable Solution: 2010
  • Full Virtualization Support: 2015
    - VMWare ESX/ESXi
    - Oracle OVM
    - Openstack
    - KVM


Year of Invention: 2005


  • 300 Mbps Full Packet Capture: 2005
  • 600 Mbps Full Packet Capture: 2007
  • Full Solid-State Device: 2008
  • 1 Gbps Full Packet Capture: 2012

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