Expert Analysis

Proactive Real-time and Historical Expert Analysis

The NetRTX and NetXperts modules bring powerful real-time experts to aid network operations and trouble-ticketing personnel to quickly resolve problems, irrespective of where they reside.

NIKSUN's expert analysis tools, NetXperts and NetRTX, offer both proactive real-time alerting and historical analysis capabilities to solve network security and performance issues. Key uses of NIKSUN's expert analysis include diagnosing causes of performance degradation, benchmarking interactive applications before deployment, identifying usage, agreements and corporate policy violations and detecting potential intruders or attacks.

NIKSUN's powerful expert analysis solutions are built on NIKSUN's Network Knowledge Warehouse that enables effective mining of stored statistical information and full network packets for troubleshooting purposes. The expert solution offers a large number of protocol decodes and advanced drill-down capabilities, which enable rapid root-cause analysis down to the packet level. Presentation reports provide a clear and concise picture of the analysis results to senior management.

Key Benefits

  • Fault management, policy management, interactive application benchmarking, application analysis, intrusion detection, policy management, etc.
  • Integrates intelligence into how statistics are viewed
  • Minimizes costs needed to discover or recover from incidents
  • Focuses on isolating and diagnosing chronic issues
  • Analyzes down to packet level: Integrated with Packet Viewer
  • Full packet decode allows in-depth analysis at the packet level
  • Ease-of-use protocol navigation with reporting facilities build-in
  • Intelligent Xperts locate and diagnose SLA/QoS and security issues
  • User customizable reports
  • Integrated trouble-shooting tools including ping, trace-route, etc.
  • Integrated and scalable for LAN, MAN and WAN platforms