Finally, a solution that WORKS

Zero Packet Loss
100% Accurate Decoding
Single Click Correlation

With out‑of‑the‑box functionality and easy‑to‑customize dashboards, NetTradeWatch provides end‑to‑end visibility into the financial network environments like no other solution.

Did you know?

NetTradeWatch has proven to have the best RMDS monitoring capability in the market today

With its independently proven lossless packet capture ability, NetTradeWatch produces reports that are complete, accurate, and represent actionable intelligence

"NIKSUN's unique and customized financial data monitoring solutions enable us to gain a holistic view of our infrastructure, from end‑to‑end" - Credit Suisse

Leading the Way

Reporting and Dashboards

Robust out of the box reporting, yet easily customizable on the fly

Troubleshooting and Microvisibility

100% order flow and market data knowledge


Track individual client order flows or view in aggregate as they move through the trade plant

Distributed Search

Fastest distributed search functionality for network data


Exceptional capability to drill down to data that truly matters

Tool Consolidation

Combine Financial, Performance, Security, and Network Monitoring into a single appliance - Reducing IT spend and operating costs by up to 40%

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