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The next generation of monitoring is here. With NIKSUN NetMobility you gain unparalleled insights into subscriber behavior, carrier services, network health, cyber threats, and application performance to meet a wide range of service provider needs - Performance, Security, Operations, Management and Planning.

Did you know?

Uniquely designed, NetMobility is the only solution in the marketplace that can offer tightly integrated security and performance monitoring in a single appliance

NetMobility monitors the load and performance of network entities - eNodeB, MME, SGW, P-CSCF, S-CSCF and HSS

NetMobility provides EPC, IMS, and LTE/VoLTE/CDMA monitoring and analysis

Leading the Way

NetMobility focuses on performance and security analytics for wireless networks, expanding the capabilities of NetVCR and NetDetector to mobile traffic environments.

Year of Invention: 2011


  • 20 Gbps Full Packet Capture: 2012
  • CDMA2000 and LTE/EPC Support: 2012
  • 100 Gbps Packet Capture: 2013
  • Advanced 4G LTE Support: 2014

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